Customized Surveys

Companies are sometimes interested in customized surveys to compare their executive benefit plans with specific competitors or industry groups. Advaita Consulting Inc., has the expertise to create such customized non-qualified benefit plan surveys for it's clients. The results of such surveys are usually offered free of charge to all participating companies' selected officers in exchange for their providing of data used in the survey. (The original company requesting the survey information will be the only sponsor of the survey.)

Customized surveys are more expensive and time-consuming than the &quotfreely available" generic surveys, however they are much better in that the information gathered is targeted, current, flexible for extraction and representation, and without bias in interpretation from those seeking to market executive benefit plans and their associated financing. For companies interested in a cheaper and quicker evaluation of other public companies' benefits, please see Proxy Evaluations of this website.

Our survey will be designed to fit your exact needs and the data can be mined to extract all needed information. This may include:

  • Company profile
  • Executive group profile
  • Qualified plan and Non-Qualified Plan
    • Benefits
    • Design
    • features
    • prevalence
  • Income Replacement Ratio
  • Geographical Profile
  • Industry Profile

Please look for Advaita Consulting, Inc.'s On-Line Survey Facility, targeted for completion in December 2004. This secure facility will allow companies to partake in on-line customized surveys, with real-time feedback on accumulated survey data.